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Bahá'í Ottawa Community Arts

We are very happy to present a new art exhibit at the Fireside Gallery in the lower floor of the Bahá'í Centre. Our featured artist is Marjan, a young Bahá'í living in Turkey. She and her family had left Iran but have found themselves unable yet to leave Turkey. While there, she decided to become an artist and showcase her work. She paints various themes, but the exhibition at present consists of paintings of the Bahá'í shrines and the terraces in Haifa and Bahji. It is planned to also show some of her other works once they are framed. You are invited to come and experience this wonderful display of quality prints of her paintings.

The exhibit will continue on display at the Ottawa Bahá'í Centre Fireside Gallery until mid-April 2023.

Anyone wishing to purchase a picture can contact David Guy at david.guy@outlook.com

Bahá'í Ottawa Community Arts

All of us yearn to be uplifted and beauty as expressed in art serves and enables that expression. Quilting has the dual aspect of both being functional and offering that emotional and spiritual elevation that art affords us. A small display of Nathalie Thirlwall’s quilts is being held at Ottawa the Bahá'í Centre Fireside Gallery now until Nov. 15, 2022.

Bahá'í Ottawa Community Arts

Check out this exhibit of thread and canvas, mixed media pieces, by artist Heather Cardin at the Fireside Gallery, lower level of the Ottawa Bahá'í Centre, until mid-September, 2022.

Heather Cardin is an author and poet who has published five books. A retired teacher, she spent a career teaching many subjects via the arts: visual, written, musical, and dramatic, in Papua New Guinea and Saskatchewan. Heather has also does photography, acrylic and watercolour on paper, and embroidery.

"Then along came Covid,” says Heather. “So I’m retired, at home, and have a moderate disability….how to be useful? I can sit and design paintings and “thread paintings”. When I learned that I could sew on stretched canvas, I was thrilled. Also, I could play with mixed media: ribbons and beads, lace and geometry, and even, occasionally, tools.” Her daughter encouraged her to open an Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HeatherArtHeart).

© Art works copyright Heather Cardin. Not to be copied.

Bahá'í Ottawa Community Arts

Check out this exhibit by painter Dianne Henderson at the Fireside Gallery, lower level of the Ottawa Bahá'í Centre, until mid-May, 2022.

Dianne has been an artist for almost 20 years. During that time, she discovered a passion and talent for painting people. She uses the medium of oil paint to capture emotions, both her own and those of her subjects.

This selection of several paintings is her response to articles and photographs that told heartbreaking stories from the lives of poorer people in Nigeria, but which also revealed a certain joy and innocence.

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