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October 15, 2011

By Sandy Brown

Every Monday night, around 20 neighbours and friends visit the Ottawa Bahá'í Centre on MacArthur Avenue to attend a Bahá'í devotional gathering featuring yoga.

The purpose of this devotional program is to allow friends and neighbours to come together and awaken their spirit through gentle yoga postures and deep relaxation.

The hour-long program gives participants a opportunity to unwind from a busy week, release tension and come to a place of reflection. Interspersed through the program are inspiring quotations and time for meditation. These healing words from various sacred scriptures and other inspirational sources act as a balm upon the participants’ souls.

A focus on the present moment allows participants to release regrets and unhappiness and let go of the fear and tension. A sensation of refreshing peacefulness is the result! 

Participants keep coming back to class because of the environment of respect, unity and fellowship. They soon discover that the yoga devotional is about much more than exercise – it is a spiritual journey.

We hope that you will come and enjoy the deep peace and relaxation brought by this devotional gathering.

For more information, visit here.
Yoga Devotional

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