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A Journalist’s Guide to the Baha’i Faith
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A Journalist’s Guide to the Baha’i Faith: Introduction

Canadians, by an overwhelming majority, are people with spiritual values and religious beliefs. According to the 2001 Canadian census, eighty-four percent of Canadians indicated they had religious affiliations.

Yet there are only a handful of full time religion news reporters in Canada. With an increase in immigration and changing world events, stories involving religious communities and spiritual issues at home as well as around the world are dramatically increasing. General assignment reporters who must find accurate information about highly complex, sensitive concerns most often cover these stories. The Centre for Faith and the Media exists in part to help journalists have access to quick and accurate information, and the right contacts for Canada’s diverse religious community. On our Web site, contacts in major centres for religious communities and traditions are available, as well as a growing body of background information. With these printed guides on major world faiths, we hope to help busy journalists cover stories involving faith. We hope these resources are both helpful and informative.

Richelle Wiseman
Executive Director
The Centre for Faith and the Media

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