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August 6, 2011

"The spiritual energy in the room was palpable," one participant described the community's July reflection meeting.  The Ottawa Bahá’í community jumped into summer as several dozen participants gathered at the Bahá’í Centre on MacArthur Avenue for the community's semi-annual meeting to reflect on how to strengthen and extend Bahá'í community life.
Enthusiasm was plentiful. Participants came together in prayer, consultation, reflection and song. A highlight of the day was the formation of teaching teams of various sizes, made up of people working in a particular neighborhood or population to support processes of community transformation. Many participants were Bahá'ís and all were engaged in learning about how to contribute to the spiritual and material development of their neighbourhoods.

Purposeful and interactive discussions on the four core activities were the focus of the event. These activities, which form the basis for Bahá'í community life, are described as follows: “meetings that strengthen the devotional character of the community; classes that nurture the tender hearts and minds of children; groups that channel the surging energies of junior youth; circles of study, open to all, that enable people of varied backgrounds to advance on equal footing and explore the application of the Bahá'í teachings to their individual lives.” All came together in joyous company, sharing in a potluck lunch over inspirational conversations and music.
The meeting brings excitement for the following weeks, during which the participants intensify their efforts to expand these core activities and welcome others into the pattern of community life.
Reflection Meeting

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