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May 10, 2011

From Ottawa to Slovenia and back: A Bahá'í traveler’s story
By Wendy James

Last week I returned to Ottawa from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. I went there at the end of January to support the Bahá'í efforts to contribute to the spiritual advancement of their country.

Slovenia is a small, beautiful country just northeast of Italy. Although it has been dominated by other forces throughout its history, what has made it possible for it to be a united country is its unique language. Slovene is not an easy language, but with some effort I learned to count and recite their alphabet as well as a few other words.

The primary intention of my short stay in Ljubljana was to offer love and encouragement to the Bahá'ís as they undertake a range of activities. Through art classes and other activities I made new friendships, and some of these friends became attracted by the efforts of Bahá'ís to aid in the transformation of their neighbourhoods and communities. At one point, I was even interviewed on a show that was broadcast on the national television station.

I learned a lot by going to Slovenia and I feel blessed to have had this experience. I imagine more of these lessons will become clear over time. From the Bahá'í community in Slovenia, I have a better appreciation of focus and perseverance.

Bahá'ís first came there to live only 20 years ago, and they are dedicating their lives to the welfare and advancement of their country. The Bahá'ís are audacious in the goals they adopt and they move out of their comfort zones to offer spiritual education for children and Bahá'í study circles to friends and acquaintances.

Aside from adjusting and missing family and friends, my last three months have been a very positive experience. I now have dear friends in Slovenia and, if I am able to serve again for three months, I would love to return.

On June 10 at 7:30 at the Bahá'í Centre, 211 MacArthur in Ottawa, other returned international Bahá'í travelers and I will share information and inspiration from our overseas experiences. I hope to see you there.

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