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April 21, 2011

Plan, Act, Reflect, Celebrate!

On April 10, people from across the city came together at the Ottawa Bahá'í Centre for a ‘reflection meeting’ to sing, pray and consult about the processes of community building in our neighbourhoods. At the heart of this work is expanding access to Bahá'í activities, so all can participate in enhancing the quality of community life. After an exuberant musical presentation and a review of community activities, the circle of participants split into smaller discussion groups to talk about successes, challenges and plans for the future. One group discussed how all families in Ottawa can be invited to participate in moral education classes for children, usually held in neighbourhood homes. Increasing the number of prayer gatherings or `devotionals' was another topic. A point was raised about the urgent need in our society for youth empowerment programs to be available to as many 12-14 year olds in Ottawa as possible.

Finally, several participants spoke about inviting their friends to a study program that allows more and more neighbours to build their capacity for service locally and for the benefit of humanity.

The gathering ended with a cheerful song taught to us by the children.
Reflection Meeting Photo

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