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May 28, 2011

Question: How can people of faith be good examples for peace?

 The short answer is by being active in the cause of peace. All of us desire peace and realize war is an offence to God and the greatest destroyer of human happiness. But the essential thing is action. Being active in the cause of peace can be expressed in any number of ways, both individually and collectively. To be an example of peace, one must be at peace with oneself. To achieve peace of mind, the Bahá’í teachings counsel contentment with the conditions of one’s life and thankfulness for spiritual blessings received. Peace in the heart will help us to radiate peace to our family, friends and relations.

The 5.5-million, worldwide Bahá’í community is at peace with itself and represents a microcosm of humanity. It is not divided up into contending, hostile sects. Through the provisions of its firm Covenant, it remains organically and spiritually one. People of various former religious and secular backgrounds — Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Communist and atheist — live together harmoniously as a model of a peaceful and progressive society. This great feat has been achieved through the divine teachings of the Prophet-Founder, Bahá’u’lláh (Glory of God) (1817-1892), God’s latest emissary.

One may join societies and organizations dedicated to the cause of world peace such as Education for Peace. One may found or join model United Nations clubs or plan a career with one of the agencies of the UN or UNESCO or work for development in the developing world.

Global peace should be viewed as the end-result of the vigorous application of many other divine teachings such as non-violence, the equality of women and men, universal education, interfaith harmony, elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty, social justice, voluntary sharing, and the elimination of prejudices of all kinds.
- Jack McLean

Printed in the The Ottawa Citizen May 28, 2011
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