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April 28, 2011

Canadian Bahá’í Business Forum (CBBF) elects new Governing Board

The Canadian Bahá’í Business Forum (CBBF) held its 5th Annual General Meeting on Monday April 25, 2011. CBBF is a professional non-profit association of men and women practicing and promoting moral as well as ethical values in the workplace. Its membership is diverse and crosses generations, borders, sectors and beliefs. The Canadian Bahá’í Business Forum (CBBF) is the Canadian affiliate of the European Bahá’í
Business Forum (ebbf).

The CBBF is overseen by a Governing Board of five members, who are elected each year during the annual general meeting. Every CBBF member has a chance to vote for, and to be voted onto, the Governing Board.

The elections take place by secret ballot without candidacies, nominations or campaigning.  Three of the members of the board this year are from the Ottawa region. The 2011/2012 CBBF elected Board Members are as follows: Duncan Hanks, Francois Couillard, Nousha Ram, Valerie Davis, Wesley Gee.

The CBBF Board meets several times during the year through conference calls, elects the officers and develops plans and major projects and events. The members of the new CBBF Board will be serving the CBBF members and the rest of the CBBF network for the next twelve months. The CBBF will continue to support activities that nurture sustainable business ethics and moral leadership in business and civil Society in the National Capital Region of Ottawa and Greater Toronto Area.

About CBBF
We’re here because we want to contribute to building a prosperous, sustainable and just civilization. We do that by positively influencing our workplaces - starting with the actions of our members. And we create practical tools together that we can each apply in our daily working lives. Through presentations, networking events, seminars, and social and economic development projects, CBBF provides an environment where like-minded professionals can network, draw inspiration from each other and explore how ethical perspectives can be applied to business and professional issues.

Our core values are:
1.    Ethical business practice
2.    Social responsibility
3.    Values based leadership
4.    Sustainable development
5.    A new paradigm of work
6.    Partnership between women and men in all fields of endeavor
7.    Non-adversarial decision-making through consultation

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Contact us through Facebook: CBBF - Canadian Bahá’í Business Forum
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