Big Ideas is a series of talks addressing some of humanity’s shared challenges and opportunities as we work to advance an emerging global civilization. This series brings together perspectives from the Baha'i writings with current research and experience as well as contemporary discourses on key issues of our time.
Friday October 2, 2020, 7:30 pm

Creating a Refuge from Racism with Carol Mansour

Carol Mansour explores this issue on a regular basis with Bahá’ís from throughout North America and around the world. She is es-pecially drawn to discourses connecting the Writings and guidance of the Bahá’í Faith with current social movements aimed at elimi-nating anti-Blackness. She has been spurred into action after re-flecting on the admonition in “The Advent of Divine Justice” to consider it a primary obligation to “nurture, encourage and safe-guard” minorities, and by coming to a fuller understanding of Ba-ha’u’llah’s metaphor comparing people of African descent to the “pupil of the eye”, necessary for spiritual sight.

Carol challenges the Bahá’í community to examine its assumptions about itself. Does it reflect the diversity of the wider society? Do racial minorities feel warmly welcomed? Are they valued for more than photo ops? What do we need to stop doing, start doing or continue doing to transform into refuges from racial prejudice?

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