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Bahá'í children’s classes are offered to all children between 6 and 10 years old for their spiritual education and moral development. The aim of these classes is to inspire in each child a love for our diverse human family and to cultivate a praiseworthy character. They are guided by the Bahá'í belief that children are noble beings with great potential to develop into upright and active participants in their community.

 Children’s classes awaken an understanding and love for the messengers of God and humanity’s collective spiritual heritage. Stories, games, arts, and songs are the main methods of instruction.Children's Classes Photo

At the heart of these classes is the belief that the education of children is essential to the future development of our communities. That is why Bahá'í children’s classes convey an appreciation of the arts, respect for science, and a focus on empowering spiritual education.

Teachers are trained to see each child as a mine rich in gems, and to convey an all-embracing love of children.

Contact us to discover more about children’s classes in your area.

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